Mr & Mrs Garside - Bathroom, East Kilbride

Mr & Mrs Garside from East Kilbride presented to us an idea for a nautical themed bathroom renovation, without our coming together they may never have achieved what you see below in such stunning artistic form.

An installation complete with bespoke coloured glass shelves implying seascapes, fully concealed LED lighting around the tailor made mirror sails, laser-cut porcelain wall tile incorporating the duo-colour glass sailboat image, the weathered wood flooring to complement, custom-manufactured sail-shaped shower glass... Every detail about this renovation is personal and chosen expertly with as much consideration as fearlessness.

We aspire to bring these qualities out in all of our clients at Bathtime and we are remarkably proud of the incredible skills of our workforce and their impeccable eye for detail - thankfully our client feels the same!

Customer Testimonial

Bathtime have produced a remarkable bathroom from some rather crazy ideas of ours resulting in a working bathroom with something of a different twist to it, and the whole team embraced the challenge from the outset. We had a lot of discussions with Bathtime about what we were trying to achieve and they were able to guide us as to the type of bathroom furniture to install and what was possible, the results are amazing. The basin and mirrors are stunning, Bathtime took the technical drawings of our boat and scaled down the sail sizes to match the size of the basin. The boat on the shower wall was made from a sketch done by ourselves from an actual photo and after discussions with Bathtime some minor adjustments were made to allow the manufacturer to make the tiled glass insert. When the shower steams up you get the image of the boat racing towards you out of the Scottish mist! Even the towel rail resembles a boat ladder, the shower screen a spinacher and the flooring the deck of a ship. The team that worked on the bathroom were brilliant, they were hard working and friendly, always talking to us about how the bathroom was progressing and discussing any issues that arose. The whole result is a stunning bathroom with a top quality finish, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Mr & Mrs Garside
East Kilbride

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